Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fabric whore

Yup, thats me.....fabric whore.  I have become seriously addicted to hand-dyed just do not want to know how much fabric I have bot lately.  My favorites you ask?   LOL

Well my fav so far is Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie....I really cannot say enough about the fabrics I have received from her.  Absolutely gorgeous and the best part is that Stephanie herself is so amazing and gracious and caring.  There are so many adjectives I could say about her but the best thing that I could say about her is that she is the real deal.  Please go check her out, she is da bomb!!!  If you want to check out a design on Stephs fabric, check out Lori's blog here

Next up is Sparklies....I joined her FOM (fabric of the month) and have not ever been disappointed.  Her fabrics are softer and more subtle but I just love them.  Again, Kate (owner of Sparklies) is an amazing helpful person.

Next up is Crafty Kitten.  I have purchased 3 of her fabrics and again so pretty.  Jocelyn is quite addicted to Crafty Kitten and frankly I cannot blame her, they are super pretty.

My not so favs are PTP, the fabrics are beautiful but really it is hit and miss as to whether or not your fabrics match what is on your monitor.
Silkweaver, will not do again....I ordered fabric on Dec 31, 2011 and received them February 28th, 2012.

Next up is Polstitches and Colors of the Outback.  I have not purchased anything by them but will this year.

Yes, I still addicted to Facebook.  I can tell you I have found so many amazing people there.  I have found people that accept me for me and I can tell you I have not had that much in my life.  My daughter said to me the other day, that she was so glad that I found the FB friends that I have, she thinks I have become happier and I think I have.
When I say my prayers at night, I thank God for letting me find that group.  It has been a turning point in my life.  Over the next couple of months, I will introduce you to them, they are all amazing and I thank them all for letting me become their friend.

(next post will be stitching related, just thought I would let you know what I have been doing....okay maybe a taste....LOL)