Monday, December 12, 2011

I just realized I had a give away

Here I was thinking I was just giving things away....I do this all the time.  Taylor lost his lunch bag or should I say mis-placed it....LOL....and I gave him one of my lunch bags that I bot from Avon.  Before my daughter moved out on her own, she used to tell me...."why are you buying all this stuff" but when she did move out...boy oh boy did it come in handy

But to not realize that I had my first giveaway....okay so that is bad....I have been reading so many blogs for so long, that I should have asked for a comment or something like that.....I love your comments, makes my day that someone is listening....when I get home, I turn the computer on right away.

I have been a bad blogger in the past, There are blogs that I read religiously but I have not left that I have my own, I know how nice it is to get your comments.

So the camera has gone back to my daughter but I will be buying a camera on Friday....just a couple of days away....I will be getting a Nikon 120....I am so excited...Somehow I am going to have to take a picture of it.

I was typing this post and I was thinking I love living by myself.  I really, really love it.  To do what I want when I want to is truly a gift.

A little background.....I was married when I was 18, a mother at 18 and a half (yes, I know.....I didn't find my smarts until I was much older.....LOL)....a second child about a year and half later.....separated about 3 months later.....yikes, even I cringe at that.  Around 1993, I got married again....(I told you I found my smarts when I was much much older)
We were separated in 2000 and divorced a couple of years later....then Taylor was born in daughter and Taylor lived with me until 2 years ago.
For 32 years, I have either lived with a husband or with my children.  Gosh, even I think the story is crazy.

I won't get married again or live with someone....can't expose myself to that kind of pain again.  Him leaving changed me and has left me with many, many scars......I wasn't completely sure that I would survive the leaving....I did but mostly due to Taylor.....I tell him all the time, he saved my wasn't that I was suicidal, I just didn't know how to get past the pain......

Since I know that my second husband won't be reading this, I can tell you that he still is the love of life.  I have learned how to live without him but I have not been able to learn to stop loving him.
I can live and laugh and stitch of course but love.....don't think so.

I hope that doesn't sound sad because truly I love my life and I am happy to be alive.  Now, I would like to be thinner but you can't have everything.....LOL
Yes, I talk to much but this is my place to be me....warts and all....

I should finish off with some stitching.....I have some pics I took a couple of weeks ago.....
This is Fairy Idyll......I finished this about 6 months ago but I have been working on it for hmmmm about 6 years.  It really intimidated me when I first started but as I got more experience with other Mirabilias, I started working on it more and more.....and finally it is done.
Hope you like it.

Have a great evening y'all

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I am supposed to be cleaning

Warning.....lots of pics.

Well I started the day with good intentions.  I got the pine sol out, the swiffers (love them) vaccum......I thought I would start with my second bedroom which is mine and Taylors craft room and his bedroom and my office all in a room 10 feet by 8ish.....bad idea.  I started and got sidetracked by organizing my "stuff".  You know you think I would learn, I happens to me all the time.  I am giving my daughter back her camera this week (I have kept it long enough and I will be buying my own next week)

So here is my craft room.....all my threads and wool and buttons and Krenik and charts.

Another shot of my 2 towers...can you tell i love my labeler!!!!!

My desk......that is Circque des Cercles by Ink Circles on the desk....I am playing around with it......trying some threads.

I also wanted to show you the way I kit up a project.....I put all the threads in those floss a way bags and put them in one of these containers (They had a sale at Canadian Tire on these and I scooped up tons of them....worked out really well)...I then put the chart and my photocopies (I know some designers don't like you doing that but I do however I will never, and I mean never make a copy and give it to someone....that is taking money out of the designers pocket and I will not do that.....I shred the copies when I am done with them) in a plastic envelope.  See...

I then put them in plastic totes.....see.......

Yes, this makes me feel so good.....Truly, I am not OCD...

And yes you can tell I am a Mirabilia addict.....I have one tote for Miries and one tote for other designers...(I think I will go out and get another tote for my Miries today).....Here are some pics of kits that are almost kitted. Yes, all Mirabilias.

Here is a fabric I was considering for Lady Alexandra but when it got here I realized i was too dark.....but isn't gorgeous......Twight by PTP.....I went with Stone by Crossed Wing....very nice.

Well I should be going....I still have to clean the rest of the apartment......

Oh yeah....this is a chart by Erica Michaels called America.  I kitted it up and realized that I would never do it....(after I realized how many Miries I had kitted, I had to make some difficult choices....LOL)

Does anyone want it?  I will send the chart, fabric and the threads.....just email me and give me your address and I will send it out Monday. 

Gosh, I need a coffee.

Have a great weekend y'all

Edited to add......Linda emailed me about the Erica Michael kit and it will be winging its way to her next week.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Startitis and too many loves

Okay so I started another Mirabilia......I don't know why I love them so much.  Is it one half of my personality?  Do I deep down inside want to be a princess?  Yikes, can't believe I said that out loud.  I think Mirabilias evoke another time, a time that has always fascinated me. 
Yikes again, I think I am a romantic.......My favorite movie of all time is Lord of the Rings....also my fav book.  I started reading that back when I was 13 years old.  I love Tolkein.  I loved the dresses in that movie......
Whereas I love almost everything Nora does, I haven't done a mermaid....I have done a couple of fairys but mostly I love her ladies with the big skirts and all the bling (beads)
The other half of my personality is the samplers, I love Blackbird Designs and Plum Street, love them both....their colors are just gorgeous.
Everytime I open Edgars blog, I just drool at his header.....Love them.

So I started Tree of Hope.....I have only been stitching for 2 or 3 days and it doesn't really look like much right now but I am seriously impressed on how fast it is you go.....

Also, since I had a couple of queries about the is a pic of an individual one......the highlighter part is at one end and you can erase with the grey tip at the other end....I love them.

I do like blogging....every night I come home and log onto the computer right away and check out my blog.  I will have to start saying something interesting....LOL

Anyway, I won't keep you all as this has not been a very interesting post today. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

duh!!! and some stitching pics

I can be so slow, I just realized that I had 11 I am so surprised.  I really didn't think anyone would want to do that.  I am not someone with a large self esteem so having 11 followers has left me speechless.

Thank you all for listening, I apreciate it. 

You know I used to read so many blogs where the author writes that they could not figure out the title for the post......I didn't get it then but now I do.....I think my titles will not be war and peace you know...LOL

I have been really sick for the past couple of days so I have not been on the net or my blog.  I had my computer music on yesterday and hence the link to my fav band from the 80's.  Music helps me to feel better.

Now to my stitching........I have been working on Sabrina from Mirabilia (big surprise there).....I started it on 32 Count Tinroof by Weeks Dye Works.  I thing it looks really good on that fabric but you all can be the judge of that.  All that white in the skirt is driving my bonkers

.....sometimes I just have to stop and do something else......and unfortunately I started something else Tree of Hope by Mirabilia.....I think it is going to be a quick really is gorgeous.....I will take a pic tomorrow (it is getting late, I need to shower and go to bed)

But I wanted to share a pic of my most fav thing when I start a new project......a new highlighter (gosh I am such a nerd) but you have to understand they are erasable people.....I so love them....they even have a purple one ( I don't think the purple one will be good for charts but purple is my fav color)  Thank you all for listening tonight.


Monday, November 21, 2011

I have comments, I am so excited!!!!!

Wow, I got home from work tonight and I had 25 emails in my home email.....I figured it was from my Facebook account.  Some were but here is the best news......I HAVE COMMENTS.

I am so darn excited....I can't believe Edgar put me on his blog.  I have been following him for so long. His warmth and caring about the stitching and blog world is so amazing, I think he is just an angel.  Now to the really important stuff (just kidding) his stitching.  I look at his stitching and it just blows my mind, absolutely phenomenal stuff.
I am still so stoked about the comments....actually I think I am giggling.....a 50ish year old woman should not giggle....very scary...LOL
TMI....means too much information
A frozen shoulder is not much fun and to have it in both shoulders.....that is really, really tough Ariadne.....It has really cut into my stitching time ( I hate that)
I keep saying my doctor is going to kill me, when I first went to him, he never gave me any medication as I was going to physiotherapy, only when it wasn't getting any better and he referred me to another doctor, did that doctor give me some stuff to help and that is when my shoulder finally started is still not the greatest but it is moving slowly.

I should have told you all what the fabric is for Shakespeares is a fabric called Bayou by Crossed Wing...I almost hated working that realized that I said almost.  I would never hate anything Mirabilia ever did.....shudder!!! but oh those beads....drove me crazy, I think it is my favorite one I have ever did.
I do have more stitching pics but I don't want to share them all at once.  I am only borrowing the camera from my one in my family knows that I have started a blog and I would like to keep it that way.
This blog is for me and me alone.

Thank you for your comments, it has meant the world to me.

I will leave you with a pic of Taylor and Jainna

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My stitching

I found a camera in my storage room and tried to take some

pics....bad idea

awful camera.....I borrowed my daughters camera and until I buy my own, my posts may not be all that frequent.....I am hoping to have one by Xmas....just waiting for it to go on sale.
Anyway, I have taken pics of one of my most favorite Mirabilia, Shakespeares Fairys.......I almost hated it while I was stitching it but I absolutely love it now....those beads were crazy but it looks amazing.

Well, I can't figure out how to post the pics after I write my post...anyway here they are.....hope you like them.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My son and his wife

 My son Jason and his wife Lucy.......okay I will stop now.  The Wizard of Oz is now on.  I will post more pics soon.

My kids

Okay, let me add some details.....from the left is my half-son Cory, my first husbands, second wife and the mother to the half-son, my daughter Jennifer, my son, Jason and the bride is my half daughter Kristen .....the daughter to the second wife......Oh wow, is that clear?  My first husband married again after we divorced and had 2 kids with her......I spent alot of time making sure my kids knew their brothers and sisters and the second wife Cheryl.  They are all very close now and my kids walked Kristen down the aisle.  Taylor calls Cheryl, grandma Sha..........Their father passed away in January of this year from drinking his life away.....remember I said TMI.
This blog is going to be about me and I will be honest with myself and anyone who is interested in listening.

Taylor and Jainna

My most amazing grandchildren

My very first blog post

Okay, so my very first blog post.  I love reading blogs, I can't believe I am doing this myself

Just so everyone knows, I am so very TMI.  I sometimes share way too much but my kids (2 grown...well okay maybe half grown) will not be reading this so it should be okay.  If I offend anyone, it is not intended.  If I make any blogging etiquette errors, please let me know and I will not do it again.

Okay, now to weird to be talking about myself.  I really don't do that easily.

' goes......I am in my fifties, married twice, divorced twice, 2 kids and 2 grandchildren....hmmm lots of 2's, never noticed that.    I have a son Jason who is married to Lucy and they have a 2 year old little girl named Jainna.  I have a daughter Jennifer, who has a 10 year son named Taylor who is my blogs namesake.  Taylor came along at a time in my life where I was deeply, deeply lost (right after my separation from my second husband, I really did not expect to get divorced from him) and he provided a shining light in my life.  He truly is my world, I have never loved someone as much as I love him.  I love my children very much but Taylor....ah well, he is my world.  Jen and Taylor lived with me for the first 8 years of his life. 

I do love Jainna very much however when she was born, she started having seizures and was put on medication to control them.  I really wasn't able to spend as much time as I would have liked with her.  I tried to watch her for 4 hours one time when she was about 6 months old and I had to call her parents to come get her she was so upset and throwing up because she was so upset.  After that she did not really want to be around me until she was about 15 months old.  We are getting along now and she now runs to me when she sees me.  Yippee!  I am so very happy that is happening now.

Both my parents are gone, I talk to them daily and no, I am not crazy, I just miss them so much!  I have one brother and one sister....we don't really have time for the story of my brother and sister......I will leave those stories for another time....very complicated.

I love to cross stitch, my most favorite designer is Mirabilia.  I have finished a couple of them....they took me forever but I don't care.  They are gorgeous and I love doing them.  I don't have a camera but my daughter does so I shall take pics of them shortly.  I haven't been stitching much lately as I have a frozen shoulder and it is very difficult to stitch.  I am trying though, I am doing Sabrina by the big M but that skirt is a b****h.  Driving me crazy.  I have been doing lots of crocheting, I did a blanket for my grandson Taylor and one for my granddaughter.  I am now working on one for Taylors best friend Savannagh (and after that one for her sister, can't leave her out)

I work fulltime at a bank here in Canada and it is okay but I am really not happy there.  But work is work and I gotsa eat and buy stash.  Which I actually have tons of (bad Sharon).....I will take a pic of my stash one day.
I live by myself in a 2 bedroom apartment in Toronto, I plan on re-locating sometime after my trip next year........Aaah my trip, Taylor and I starting planning a trip about 3 months ago.  At first he wanted to go to Scotland and go see the Loch Ness monster (and yes, he knew he would see it.....gosh I love his clarity) but then I started thinking if I am going to spend that kind of cash, then I want to go somewhere I have always wanted to go (I did want to go to the UK, another adventure)......NEW ZEALAND.....yup, I have had this thing about New Zealand for a very long time....not sure why.....I loved it even before Lord of the Rings (yes, my most favorite movie and the best Xmas  present I ever got from my son.....the box set)  So I found a farmstay on the south island (Taylor or T as we all call him....loves the farmstay idea, he is really a country person at heart)......and we are going to stay there for part of the time and take trips into Christchurch, there is a place there where you can swim with the dolphins......Oh my, he doesn't know about that yet, he is going to love it.  It is going to be Taylor and Nanas excellant adventure......I really can't wait.

Well this is a really long first post........I should keep some secrets for another post......LOL.....not sure who is going to read it anyway.
Yack at you later.