Monday, November 21, 2011

I have comments, I am so excited!!!!!

Wow, I got home from work tonight and I had 25 emails in my home email.....I figured it was from my Facebook account.  Some were but here is the best news......I HAVE COMMENTS.

I am so darn excited....I can't believe Edgar put me on his blog.  I have been following him for so long. His warmth and caring about the stitching and blog world is so amazing, I think he is just an angel.  Now to the really important stuff (just kidding) his stitching.  I look at his stitching and it just blows my mind, absolutely phenomenal stuff.
I am still so stoked about the comments....actually I think I am giggling.....a 50ish year old woman should not giggle....very scary...LOL
TMI....means too much information
A frozen shoulder is not much fun and to have it in both shoulders.....that is really, really tough Ariadne.....It has really cut into my stitching time ( I hate that)
I keep saying my doctor is going to kill me, when I first went to him, he never gave me any medication as I was going to physiotherapy, only when it wasn't getting any better and he referred me to another doctor, did that doctor give me some stuff to help and that is when my shoulder finally started is still not the greatest but it is moving slowly.

I should have told you all what the fabric is for Shakespeares is a fabric called Bayou by Crossed Wing...I almost hated working that realized that I said almost.  I would never hate anything Mirabilia ever did.....shudder!!! but oh those beads....drove me crazy, I think it is my favorite one I have ever did.
I do have more stitching pics but I don't want to share them all at once.  I am only borrowing the camera from my one in my family knows that I have started a blog and I would like to keep it that way.
This blog is for me and me alone.

Thank you for your comments, it has meant the world to me.

I will leave you with a pic of Taylor and Jainna


  1. Hi an interesting read you got going there
    Wonderful extended family you have
    Good luck with the blog and look forward to the daily pictures when you get your new camera at Christmas
    Suz x

  2. What a cute snap !!! Have a Super Thanksgiving!!!