Sunday, November 27, 2011

duh!!! and some stitching pics

I can be so slow, I just realized that I had 11 I am so surprised.  I really didn't think anyone would want to do that.  I am not someone with a large self esteem so having 11 followers has left me speechless.

Thank you all for listening, I apreciate it. 

You know I used to read so many blogs where the author writes that they could not figure out the title for the post......I didn't get it then but now I do.....I think my titles will not be war and peace you know...LOL

I have been really sick for the past couple of days so I have not been on the net or my blog.  I had my computer music on yesterday and hence the link to my fav band from the 80's.  Music helps me to feel better.

Now to my stitching........I have been working on Sabrina from Mirabilia (big surprise there).....I started it on 32 Count Tinroof by Weeks Dye Works.  I thing it looks really good on that fabric but you all can be the judge of that.  All that white in the skirt is driving my bonkers

.....sometimes I just have to stop and do something else......and unfortunately I started something else Tree of Hope by Mirabilia.....I think it is going to be a quick really is gorgeous.....I will take a pic tomorrow (it is getting late, I need to shower and go to bed)

But I wanted to share a pic of my most fav thing when I start a new project......a new highlighter (gosh I am such a nerd) but you have to understand they are erasable people.....I so love them....they even have a purple one ( I don't think the purple one will be good for charts but purple is my fav color)  Thank you all for listening tonight.



  1. Your Sabrina is looking fantastic! Keep going you can do it! :D I love your highlighters! Especially the purple! :D

  2. I love purple! What do you mean erasable? You can erase them from your chart with a pencil eraser? I have to find them as I destroyed a couple of charts with highlighters and then started making a zoomed photocopy of my chart so I can keep it for future use unspoilt!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Nice start there! I'll have to look for those - I'm a colored pen hoarder!!