Friday, December 2, 2011

Startitis and too many loves

Okay so I started another Mirabilia......I don't know why I love them so much.  Is it one half of my personality?  Do I deep down inside want to be a princess?  Yikes, can't believe I said that out loud.  I think Mirabilias evoke another time, a time that has always fascinated me. 
Yikes again, I think I am a romantic.......My favorite movie of all time is Lord of the Rings....also my fav book.  I started reading that back when I was 13 years old.  I love Tolkein.  I loved the dresses in that movie......
Whereas I love almost everything Nora does, I haven't done a mermaid....I have done a couple of fairys but mostly I love her ladies with the big skirts and all the bling (beads)
The other half of my personality is the samplers, I love Blackbird Designs and Plum Street, love them both....their colors are just gorgeous.
Everytime I open Edgars blog, I just drool at his header.....Love them.

So I started Tree of Hope.....I have only been stitching for 2 or 3 days and it doesn't really look like much right now but I am seriously impressed on how fast it is you go.....

Also, since I had a couple of queries about the is a pic of an individual one......the highlighter part is at one end and you can erase with the grey tip at the other end....I love them.

I do like blogging....every night I come home and log onto the computer right away and check out my blog.  I will have to start saying something interesting....LOL

Anyway, I won't keep you all as this has not been a very interesting post today. 

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  1. Deep down aren't we all princesses? AriadnefromGreece!