Saturday, December 10, 2011

I am supposed to be cleaning

Warning.....lots of pics.

Well I started the day with good intentions.  I got the pine sol out, the swiffers (love them) vaccum......I thought I would start with my second bedroom which is mine and Taylors craft room and his bedroom and my office all in a room 10 feet by 8ish.....bad idea.  I started and got sidetracked by organizing my "stuff".  You know you think I would learn, I happens to me all the time.  I am giving my daughter back her camera this week (I have kept it long enough and I will be buying my own next week)

So here is my craft room.....all my threads and wool and buttons and Krenik and charts.

Another shot of my 2 towers...can you tell i love my labeler!!!!!

My desk......that is Circque des Cercles by Ink Circles on the desk....I am playing around with it......trying some threads.

I also wanted to show you the way I kit up a project.....I put all the threads in those floss a way bags and put them in one of these containers (They had a sale at Canadian Tire on these and I scooped up tons of them....worked out really well)...I then put the chart and my photocopies (I know some designers don't like you doing that but I do however I will never, and I mean never make a copy and give it to someone....that is taking money out of the designers pocket and I will not do that.....I shred the copies when I am done with them) in a plastic envelope.  See...

I then put them in plastic totes.....see.......

Yes, this makes me feel so good.....Truly, I am not OCD...

And yes you can tell I am a Mirabilia addict.....I have one tote for Miries and one tote for other designers...(I think I will go out and get another tote for my Miries today).....Here are some pics of kits that are almost kitted. Yes, all Mirabilias.

Here is a fabric I was considering for Lady Alexandra but when it got here I realized i was too dark.....but isn't gorgeous......Twight by PTP.....I went with Stone by Crossed Wing....very nice.

Well I should be going....I still have to clean the rest of the apartment......

Oh yeah....this is a chart by Erica Michaels called America.  I kitted it up and realized that I would never do it....(after I realized how many Miries I had kitted, I had to make some difficult choices....LOL)

Does anyone want it?  I will send the chart, fabric and the threads.....just email me and give me your address and I will send it out Monday. 

Gosh, I need a coffee.

Have a great weekend y'all

Edited to add......Linda emailed me about the Erica Michael kit and it will be winging its way to her next week.


  1. I should be cleaning too but I have to write my Xmas mail if I want it to be received by New Year!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. I love your system of organizing! So efficient - love those bags! I am VERY impressed. Have fun with all of those Mirrie's - they are truly beautiful! :)