Monday, December 12, 2011

I just realized I had a give away

Here I was thinking I was just giving things away....I do this all the time.  Taylor lost his lunch bag or should I say mis-placed it....LOL....and I gave him one of my lunch bags that I bot from Avon.  Before my daughter moved out on her own, she used to tell me...."why are you buying all this stuff" but when she did move out...boy oh boy did it come in handy

But to not realize that I had my first giveaway....okay so that is bad....I have been reading so many blogs for so long, that I should have asked for a comment or something like that.....I love your comments, makes my day that someone is listening....when I get home, I turn the computer on right away.

I have been a bad blogger in the past, There are blogs that I read religiously but I have not left that I have my own, I know how nice it is to get your comments.

So the camera has gone back to my daughter but I will be buying a camera on Friday....just a couple of days away....I will be getting a Nikon 120....I am so excited...Somehow I am going to have to take a picture of it.

I was typing this post and I was thinking I love living by myself.  I really, really love it.  To do what I want when I want to is truly a gift.

A little background.....I was married when I was 18, a mother at 18 and a half (yes, I know.....I didn't find my smarts until I was much older.....LOL)....a second child about a year and half later.....separated about 3 months later.....yikes, even I cringe at that.  Around 1993, I got married again....(I told you I found my smarts when I was much much older)
We were separated in 2000 and divorced a couple of years later....then Taylor was born in daughter and Taylor lived with me until 2 years ago.
For 32 years, I have either lived with a husband or with my children.  Gosh, even I think the story is crazy.

I won't get married again or live with someone....can't expose myself to that kind of pain again.  Him leaving changed me and has left me with many, many scars......I wasn't completely sure that I would survive the leaving....I did but mostly due to Taylor.....I tell him all the time, he saved my wasn't that I was suicidal, I just didn't know how to get past the pain......

Since I know that my second husband won't be reading this, I can tell you that he still is the love of life.  I have learned how to live without him but I have not been able to learn to stop loving him.
I can live and laugh and stitch of course but love.....don't think so.

I hope that doesn't sound sad because truly I love my life and I am happy to be alive.  Now, I would like to be thinner but you can't have everything.....LOL
Yes, I talk to much but this is my place to be me....warts and all....

I should finish off with some stitching.....I have some pics I took a couple of weeks ago.....
This is Fairy Idyll......I finished this about 6 months ago but I have been working on it for hmmmm about 6 years.  It really intimidated me when I first started but as I got more experience with other Mirabilias, I started working on it more and more.....and finally it is done.
Hope you like it.

Have a great evening y'all


  1. Every one has a story to tell;your story is not sad it is like many many stories so feel good about yourself and no self pity or anything. Life brings hurdles we learn to overcome.
    Yes that was your first giveaway and only me and Sharon commented but Linda got it!LOL!

  2. I loved your warts and all story. We each have a path to travel in life and I don't think any of us escape bumps and bruises along the way. (it probably doesn't help that I'm a real klutz, but I'm talking about life issues here - not tripping over pieces of floss - yup, it's happened!) LOL
    I think we all can learn much from each other when we're transparent. Character and strength and falling and then bouncing back. I've been strengthened by my visit with you! Bless you for sharing your story - I loved reading it! :)