Monday, January 2, 2012

I have been a bad blogger

Yup, I have not been posting as much as I had wanted to when I first started this blog.  It is much harder than I thought it was going to be. 

I have gone to write something and thought "well that is stupid, who would want to read about that"....I guess the first year of blogging is finding out how to do this thing called blogging.  I am learning so bear with me.

So Xmas, I hope all of you had amazing holidays.  Xmas was quiet for me...which is exactly how I wanted it to be.  I have done holiday dinners for over 30 years (jippers creepers, I guess I am that old...I really don't feel 53)  If the dinner is not at my place, then it is at either my daughters or my sons and I have to cook.  Frankly, if I am coming to someones house, I want to relax and go play with the kids or something....not cook.  Everytime I go to my sons house for dinner, I end up cooking and everyone else sits around and has fun......I don't plan doing that anymore.  Next invite I get, I will be telling cooking for me....I am playing with the kids.  I love my kids, I do but they take me for granted.  I have done so, so, so much for all of them.....someday, I will tell you the stories but not today.  Suffice it to say, I have done tons and at the time I didn't mind.  But now, in my own place for 2 years, I would like some help.  I have had some bad issues with my frozen shoulder and my daughter has helped.  My son, another story, if I ask, then he trys to fit me in with his schedule.  He never just offers, just once I would like him to offer.  Maybe one day.
So anyway, (I can get off topic) I told them all, I don`t want to do anything this year.  Well, it started off that way.  Jennifer and Taylor wanted to come over.....after a lot of thinking about it, I said of 1 went to party of 3....then Jen said is it okay if her boyfriend comes over (he was working on Xmas)....I said party of 3 went to party of 4....then Jen asked Jason(my son) to come......(bad daughter...LOL) party of 4 went to party of 7 (my son, his wife and daughter).....then I found out that my daughter in laws cousin (who has just emigrated here) is possibly coming and then my sons mother in law (who I thought was in NY) so party of 7 went to a party of 9...........well needless to say, I freaked out.  My apartment is 850 square feet.....I have one couch and one dining room table.  So bad me.....I cancelled Xmas dinner at my house...I just could not do it for 9 people...I knew that would put me over the edge. 
So what happened was Jen and Taylor surprised me and cooked all the food at their house and came over with it.  (we only live 2 minutes apart)  So we had a very quiet dinner with the 4 of us and we played Just Dance 3 on Taylors WII that is at my house.  I have for too long put others first, 2012 is going to be the year where I do for myself.  I am going to learn how to be selfish.  I should start a SAL for it.....selfish a long......LOL.  We all need to learn how to help others but not at the expense of ourselves.
I think this is going to be a long post....LOL
Fast forward to today.......

Dusting.......not completely done
Stitching.......OH YES...

Here is my progress on my Tree of Hope taken with my new camera, I am starting to love the camera.  I didn`t notice in person but when I took the pic, I noticed that I missed doing one leg of the stitch on about 4 stitch.....LOL ....the camera has been hard to get used.  It is a work in progress I guess.

Also, wanted everyone to see this stand that I bot at Ikea (I bot 2 of them) is for hanging xmas ornaments on.....I had a thought that you could hang small x-stitch ornaments on it all year.  The stitching behind it is Shakespeares Fairies, that I am stretching out.  Jennifer and I are going to go to Ikea and buy a couple of frames so I can frame this myself (yup I am going to try to do that)...her Xmas pressie to me.

Also here is my orchid that I hope I don`t kill this year.  I love orchids but I killed the last one by over watering it.  I couldn`t get it rotated, sorry for the neck twist.

So that is it for me.....what are your 2012 commitments (not resolutions)


  1. Good for you! Time for yourself deserve it!
    well....I am gonna try to be happier this year, lose some more weight and get into crossstitching more!

  2. Don't feel bad about not blogging, it should be fun not stress.
    I want to learn how to crochet and I want to travel!These are my commitments!AriadnefromGreece!