Sunday, January 22, 2012

Canadas wonderful health system

So I hear all the time about our wonderful health care system and how it should be held as a standard for the world.  Yeah right.

Here is my story.........

I went to my Dr last January as I had a sore shoulder and I was losing the ability to do many things, could not put my hair in a pony tail, was not sleeping well. (lots of other things but this post would be very long if I included everything)  So my Dr sent me for an x-ray (no conclusive result) then an ultrasound.  He finally said it is a frozen shoulder.  And that I should go to a physiotherapist 2 to 3 times a week.  Even though I work for a bank here in Canada, I don't have coverage for that and as a single person, I couldn't afford it.  So I found a good physiotherapist (Stephen him!!!....Anders Physiotherapy here in TO)  He was the first person that I felt was listening to me regarding this.  My DR would just dismiss my symptoms, fears and concerns.....

For example....

I told him that I felt dizzy alot.....he said as long as I don't fall down, it is not a problem......I told him that I do fall response.
I told him I was not sleeping more than 2 hours a night (for over 6 months) he gave me Tylenol 3's...I told him I don't do well with them but he wanted me to try them.....they didn't do anything.  Then when I went back and said the T3's were not working, he gave me a sedative.....oh it made me sleep, I just couldn't wake I stopped them.

I told him my heart was racing all the time......he told me that I had put 20 pounds on in the past 6 months and that is why my heart was racing.

I told him that sometimes when I am doing things and even when I am not....the vein in my neck starts to protude a bit and starts to throb.  He listened to it and said it was nothing just my weight.

I also told him I thought I had carpal tunnel in my left hand (same side as the shoulder) and he said that he wasn't sure about that so he tested my hand by tapping my wrist.  He said is your hand tingling?  I said yes, it is and he went oh....okay then you do have carpal tunnel....sigh...I haven't seen anyone about it though...

I think you are getting my drift.

So I kept going to the physio and it was getting a little better but my shoulder would not rotate....put my hand behind my back....HUH....not going to happen.  So my physio sent letter after letter to my DR....nothing.  My neck muscles were like a rock, they were so tense.

In September of last year, he finally sent me to a sports medicine DR who promptly gave me an anti-inflammatory (I had had no medicine up until then) and started me on Lyrica.

Ahhhh....Lyrica....I had such a hard time getting onto normal dizziness and then the dizziness side effect of Lyrica.  WOW, so difficult....My sports med DR said to be carefull of taking the full dose of my way up to the full dose and then work my way off of it....

So my last app in October, my sports med Dr said to discontinue the anti-inflammatory and to continue the Lyrica (but he forgot to give me a refill) when I realized that I did not have a refill, (I had 3 pills left) I call the office and they said I would have to pay for the phone refill, I said but he forgot to give me the refill and I have to pay?  They said yup or I can make an app and see him in 3 weeks and he will give me a refill then.....WTF?  I was sobbing on the phone....they basically said take or leave it.  I called my family DR and he gave me the refill.....All about the money.

Yes, I am coming to the point of the post.....LOL

The only good thing the sports med Dr did was schedule me for a shot in my shoulder joint to expand it.  There is only 1 hospital in the whole city that does it and I had to wait 4 months for it.
So last Wednesday, I went for my shot.....they froze my shoulder (super painful) and injected an anti-inflammatory into it and then injected air into the joint to force it to open up.  The radiologist had to inject dye into the joint so he could see where to put the drugs and air.  The dye kept leaking out and the radiologist asked if I had had an MRI....which after all the above, is the one thing I have not had.....I have asked for one but they haven't given me one. 

I would ask my family Dr about an MRI....he would say leave it to the sports med Dr and the sports medicine Dr would say....not yet....

The radiologist's opinion is that I have a tear in my rotator cuff and the shoulder joint actually looks okay.
As the British say, I was gobsmacked......I burst into tears in the X-ray room....they were super good with me and he assured me that he would put it in the report to the Drs.  I was not able to stop crying for hours. 
I have been through hell this past year.....the person I am changed because of the pain, I was not able to stitch or do anything for over 6 months, I basically became a hermit.....because I couldn't use that arm......the nerve pain that I have endured has been enormous.

I don't know how people who have chronic pain do it.....they are much better people than I am.

So all that could have changed if I had had an MRI........did they just pass me off as an overweight, middle aged, single woman?...they most certainly did. 

What is going to happen now?  I don't know.  I am starting back to physio on Tuesday so we will see what happens then....I could not face my family Dr last week as I thought I would burst into tears and I didn't want that.

See our Canadian health system at is best.....................

The saga will continue.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Why I haven't been blogging

Here is the reason why I haven't been blogging.....


I have absolutely been loving stitching this.  The colors are fantastic, how Nora puts her colors together is AMAZING....IMHO...I don't know many other designers that have her color sense.  Paulette Stewart from Plum Street Samplers does.....but not many others....IMHO of course.

I belong to a group on Facebook that celebrates all of the Mirabilia designs....I have become addicted.  My daughter tells me that she is going to stage an intervention soon...LOL.....I am addicted I agree.....LOL
I think 2012 will be YON.....(year of Nora)......LOL

I saw Nora's new designs (she has 2 of them) this month and went straight away and ordered them both.  I loved them both. 

Nora releases designs on the 15th of every month....every month...that is so amazing!!!!

Thanks for listening to my rant about Mirabilia.

I will have to start talking about something else other than Mirabilia soon...LOL.  I have not gotten into a groove with blogging....I really wanted to start a blog but now that I have started one, I sometimes don't know what to say.....I think to myself  "who would want to listen to me"....
I think possibly the way to go about it is just to talk.....I will keep trying to keep it interesting.

Talk to you later.

Monday, January 2, 2012

I have been a bad blogger

Yup, I have not been posting as much as I had wanted to when I first started this blog.  It is much harder than I thought it was going to be. 

I have gone to write something and thought "well that is stupid, who would want to read about that"....I guess the first year of blogging is finding out how to do this thing called blogging.  I am learning so bear with me.

So Xmas, I hope all of you had amazing holidays.  Xmas was quiet for me...which is exactly how I wanted it to be.  I have done holiday dinners for over 30 years (jippers creepers, I guess I am that old...I really don't feel 53)  If the dinner is not at my place, then it is at either my daughters or my sons and I have to cook.  Frankly, if I am coming to someones house, I want to relax and go play with the kids or something....not cook.  Everytime I go to my sons house for dinner, I end up cooking and everyone else sits around and has fun......I don't plan doing that anymore.  Next invite I get, I will be telling cooking for me....I am playing with the kids.  I love my kids, I do but they take me for granted.  I have done so, so, so much for all of them.....someday, I will tell you the stories but not today.  Suffice it to say, I have done tons and at the time I didn't mind.  But now, in my own place for 2 years, I would like some help.  I have had some bad issues with my frozen shoulder and my daughter has helped.  My son, another story, if I ask, then he trys to fit me in with his schedule.  He never just offers, just once I would like him to offer.  Maybe one day.
So anyway, (I can get off topic) I told them all, I don`t want to do anything this year.  Well, it started off that way.  Jennifer and Taylor wanted to come over.....after a lot of thinking about it, I said of 1 went to party of 3....then Jen said is it okay if her boyfriend comes over (he was working on Xmas)....I said party of 3 went to party of 4....then Jen asked Jason(my son) to come......(bad daughter...LOL) party of 4 went to party of 7 (my son, his wife and daughter).....then I found out that my daughter in laws cousin (who has just emigrated here) is possibly coming and then my sons mother in law (who I thought was in NY) so party of 7 went to a party of 9...........well needless to say, I freaked out.  My apartment is 850 square feet.....I have one couch and one dining room table.  So bad me.....I cancelled Xmas dinner at my house...I just could not do it for 9 people...I knew that would put me over the edge. 
So what happened was Jen and Taylor surprised me and cooked all the food at their house and came over with it.  (we only live 2 minutes apart)  So we had a very quiet dinner with the 4 of us and we played Just Dance 3 on Taylors WII that is at my house.  I have for too long put others first, 2012 is going to be the year where I do for myself.  I am going to learn how to be selfish.  I should start a SAL for it.....selfish a long......LOL.  We all need to learn how to help others but not at the expense of ourselves.
I think this is going to be a long post....LOL
Fast forward to today.......

Dusting.......not completely done
Stitching.......OH YES...

Here is my progress on my Tree of Hope taken with my new camera, I am starting to love the camera.  I didn`t notice in person but when I took the pic, I noticed that I missed doing one leg of the stitch on about 4 stitch.....LOL ....the camera has been hard to get used.  It is a work in progress I guess.

Also, wanted everyone to see this stand that I bot at Ikea (I bot 2 of them) is for hanging xmas ornaments on.....I had a thought that you could hang small x-stitch ornaments on it all year.  The stitching behind it is Shakespeares Fairies, that I am stretching out.  Jennifer and I are going to go to Ikea and buy a couple of frames so I can frame this myself (yup I am going to try to do that)...her Xmas pressie to me.

Also here is my orchid that I hope I don`t kill this year.  I love orchids but I killed the last one by over watering it.  I couldn`t get it rotated, sorry for the neck twist.

So that is it for me.....what are your 2012 commitments (not resolutions)